Our business works like this : the more business we do, the more good we can do. In short, we have systems in place so that with every garment we produce it is possible to compensate bit by bit for the impact that the whole industry has socially and environmentally.

What do we mean by this?

Well, while we can traceably prove that we only employ 18+, we pay all our craftsmen over a living wage and that we carry out extensive research to measure and reduce our environmental impact, we understand that the industry in general has done a lot of damage in countries of production.

Take the social impact. In our city alone (Lahore) there are X amount of kids out of school and that is partly from brands putting pressure on factories for lower prices, meaning they aren’t able to pay a living wage to their workers and hence workers can’t afford to send their kids to school. We don’t want that for our city’s kids.

Therefore, should the brand agree, 1 dollar within the cost of each garment we collect and then once one years fund has accumulated we transfer it to the local school for them to enrol one kid, all verified by their guardian. We even offer full traceability of this on blockchain which you in turn can show to your customers.

Similarly on the environmental side, we know that even if we put lots of effort into developing better processes, every garment we produce will still have some impact on our local area, and that’s on us. Therefore it should be us who gets involved in compensating which is why we have also ensured the possibility to incorporate a dollar in our garment prices for us to organise trees to be planted in our local area, again all traceable.

It seems the only question is : Do you want to do business with us and help us make this industry better?