About Factory

Welcome to OUTSO, here is a short overview of our services.

Over the years OUTSO has developed a very trusted supply chain that utilises efficient processes and from which our team can pick the most suitable materials for your needs out of a range of fibres, trims and embellishments. This stability means that we can guarantee unmatched consistency in all our products.

As well as the garment assembly we are also able to facilitate all processes right from the raw material to the end product and have advanced machinery and manufacturing standards to achieve this across both small and larger order volumes.

BUT, we are not JUST a garment factory; we are in close collaboration with the National Textile University in Faisalabad so have a dedicated R&D team; the result of this innovation is a diversified range of products and solutions in our offering and the potential to be flexible to the needs of our customer’s. 


Here are a few of our other key offering points : 

  • We use the BCI platform to support Better Cotton Initiative
  • Outso is now also GOTS certified for its organic cotton products. 
  • We are committed to providing the highest quality products but while also meeting delivery deadlines. 
  • We are a garment factory but our full supply chain capabilities are : picking the best suitable fibers, spinning, fabric manufacturing, dyeing & finishing, garment assembly and choosing the best accessories and embellishments for the garments. 
  • Our service includes the potential for full traceability through PaperTale technology