Honest & Transparent

Honesty, translated in OUTSO lingo, means taking off the rose coloured glasses and letting people see the beautifully unfiltered truth, which for us sounds a little something like this:

We are OUTSO. We are a garment factory. We pay our craftsmen a Living wage. We measure our own impact through intensive research. Oh ….and we have proof.

For us, being transparent and proving our claims is as obvious as being fair to our employees and respectful to the environment. Our experience from working in the industry is that much of the business is all but transparent, which leads to a cycle of corruption and unfair working conditions. Outso offers complete transparency from initial administrative offers to the final production and delivery of the garments.

How, you ask?

Implemented in all elements of our production is the technology solution PaperTale. This is one of the newest applications of blockchain and means that there is an exact unchangeable record of all the transactions and processes involved in making our garments, as and when they happen. 

Consequently we offer full traceability of each individual garment right from the raw material to your end consumer and all we have to do is carry out business as normal.