We have noticed that clothes are no longer valued and respected like they once were and that their craftsmen are hidden behind closed doors in completely unjust working conditions…. Not at OUTSO.

To us, it seems that the new way of doing things will require a reversion to that of the past where people would know the tailor who made their clothes and subsequently cherish them until they were worn through.

We therefore ensure our craftsmen are connected on our system to the clothes they make, so that when they are bought it is possible for the consumer to see who made them and get the feeling that they have been produced locally, even if they have been made on the other side of the globe.

We hope this means that our garments will fulfil the lifespan with which their quality rewards them, not just because we are concerned about the effect that clothing has in landfill, or that it would mean the work of talented individuals would go to waste – simply also because we know how passionate our craftsmen are about each piece they make;

"I put my heart into the inspection of these garments and take pride in their perfection. I really hope they will reach people who admire the quality I ensure and who care about the workers behind them".

Solving the issues in this industry is nowhere as simple as whether you are paying over or under minimum wage, it is about whether you are empowering the systems with the ability to change.
We hope to set an example as a production unit by NOT JUST by paying salaries that are over a living wage but by also having a business model where everyone involved can become an owner of the business.